Submission Guidelines

Types of Presentations

We invite submissions of scholarship and creative work focusing on any area in the arts and humanities. Presentations should be 10-15 minutes in length, and may be in the form of a traditional conference research paper, a documented art project or documented musical composition, a visual art exhibit with short gallery talk, or short performance art piece with a brief talk. Please note that due to space constraints, the visual and performance art presentations must conform to specific rubrics in order to be displayed.

​Faculty Mentor

Students will be required to work with a faculty member from their home institution in their area of study on the preparation of their presentation, for it is also a goal of this conference for young scholars to become familiar with the processes of writing an abstract and revising/improving their work.  Given that the abstract deadline is early in the spring semester, students are encouraged to revise and then present a paper written for a course during a prior semester, or to base their presentation on an ongoing senior research or creative project.  Faculty are invited to attend the conference and may also serve as panel moderators.

How to Submit (Deadline October 19, 2022)

Submissions can be made using Wesleyan Abstract Submission Form. All must include

  • Student’s Name, Institution, Title, and Faculty Mentor
  • An Abstract (100-200 words long) of the paper or creative work to be presented at the symposium. (Please note that all creative works are expected to be accompanied by a short explanatory or analytical presentation, such as a gallery talk). All accepted abstracts will be published in the on-line symposium schedule.
  • Dimensions (for Visual artworks only – See Guidelines for Art Submissions)
  • Confirmation of Faculty Mentorship:  Faculty mentors should send a short email to confirming their work with the student before the submission deadline.

Paper Selection

The selection of papers or creative work that will be presented at the symposium will be done by a faculty sub-committee.  While the goal of this symposium is to showcase student scholarship and creative work of the highest level, it also provides an equally important opportunity for student scholars to learn the mechanics of preparing and presenting their own work.  To that end, abstracts that meet basic professional standards and exhibit the formulation of an original research question/trajectory will be accepted.

Students will be notified of the final decision regarding their abstracts within two weeks of the submission date.