Guidelines for Art Submissions

We are excited to be able to accept a limited number of submissions of single works in the visual and performing arts that will allow students to engage directly with the work of their peers. These can be 2-dimensional paintings, photographs, prints, lithographs, etc. or smaller 3-dimensional works.

Due to space and logistical constraints in our temporary display spaces,  these works MUST be within specific size, space, and weight limits.  Exhibit arrangements will be simple and temporary (easels, pedestals, hooks, pins), as they must go up and come down in a single day.
Before submitting, please ensure that your work is within the prescribed limits or it will not be accepted. We will ask that you describe the dimensions of the piece and specifically confirm your understanding of these limitations on the abstract submission form.  Please note that works found to exceed these limits on the day of the symposium will not be displayed.

Maximum Size Limit:   3 x 2 x 6 ft.

Maximum Weight Limit: 40lbs

A good metric is that if you can carry it with you on the bus, it is probably within the limit. If it is too big to go on the bus, then an alternative would be to submit a documentation of your work, to present as a paper at a conference panel.